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Are you looking to expand your kitchen? Do you want to remodel your dining area? Let the professionals at Adroit General Contracting help. We provide restaurant renovation services throughout Troy, Rochester Hills & Sterling Heights, MI. Drawing on over three decades of experience, we'll redo your restaurant to meet your needs and preferences.

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Hiring a professional to handle your restaurant renovation is a smart investment for four reasons:

  1. You'll enjoy a streamlined process
  2. Your business needs will come first
  3. You'll avoid costly accidents and injuries
  4. You'll receive professional recommendations for equipment and materials
When you're ready to improve your restaurant space, reach out to Adroit General Contracting in Troy, Rochester Hills & Sterling Heights, MI. We'll happily provide you with the restaurant renovation services you need.

Keep your commercial kitchen up to date

Without an exhaust or range hood, your commercial kitchen would be overwhelmed by fumes, smoke and steam. Luckily, Adroit General Contracting can install a new restaurant hood system easily. Expect us to:

  • Mount the hood to the ceiling or wall
  • Install the necessary ductwork
  • Connect the hood to the ductwork
  • Mount the exhaust fans
  • Test the hood to make sure it's working correctly

Your ductwork will channel air from the hood to the exterior of your restaurant. Depending on the design and layout of your kitchen, we might have to cut openings in your walls or ceilings to make room for the new ductwork.

Are you hesitant to install a new commercial exhaust hood system? We can set up a temporary kitchen so you can resume normal business operations.

If you need a new restaurant hood system in Troy, Rochester Hills & Sterling Heights, MI, call 248-247-1120 now.